Meet The CEO

My business began about six years ago when I baked some chocolate chip cookies for my new team at work. There were a few people that had heard the cookies I made were really good and wanted me to make them some and would pay me for them. Although I’ve baked cookies for my family numerous times, I’ve never made them for anyone else and charged them. After a few days of them asking I made each of them some chocolate chip cookies and they insisted on paying me for them. I thought wow that was easy to bake some cookies and sell them let me try this with a larger amount of cookies. I went to the store & bought ingredients to make a few dozen of chocolate chip cookies and the next day I brought all of the cookies I made packaged two in each sandwich bag. I had sold all of the cookies in less than two hours. So, I began to bring in cookies every week to sell to my coworkers and then they started requesting different kinds of cookies so I would find recipes to try out until I found the right one I liked. I also started doing pop-ups in grocery store parking lots & around my neighborhood. I meet lots of nice people that enjoyed my cookies and encouraged me to go to different farmers’ markets and vendor shows.

I make freshly baked soft homemade cookies. I bake classic like Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, and Sugar cookies to Gourmet cookies like Red Velvet, Oatmeal Raisin with Cranberries and Pecans, and Turtle Cookies. My newest Specialty cookies are Gluten Free Chocolate Chip and Sugar Free Chocolate Chip Cookies. All of my cookies are soft cookies not hard cookies. I do not put any additives and preservatives in my cookies. I am very proud of my business because my cookies pretty much sell themselves, I just introduce them to people to experience and they become a customer for life. My business is constantly growing and I’m enjoying the ride.